Current events: Tornadoes, severe weather strike Chicago, central Illinois

Servere storms forced Soldier Field to evacuate fans during Sunday's Chicago Bears game. Photo from

Servere storms forced Soldier Field to evacuate fans during Sunday’s Chicago Bears game.
Photo from

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Chicago really was the “Windy City” today when a surprise string of severe storms battered the city and produced multiple tornados which destroyed several central Illinois towns.

If you were watching football during today’s weather madness, you probably saw that the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens at Soldier Field had been suspended due to massive storms approaching the Chicago area. The stands were then temporarily evacuated due to the severity of the incoming storm.

Weather conditions became so extreme that Bears’ game day blogger Larry Mayer said, “sheets of rain [were] coming down,” and “it [looked] like midnight instead of noon.”

This monstrous November storm spawned about 10 tornadoes throughout the state of Illinois, according to NBC Chicago. The Weather Channel expects this deadly storm to move east, putting cities such as Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Detroit, Cleveland and Louisville, Ky. at risk. Continue reading