Must see Monday: Soldier Field

Football season is in full swing, and if you’re looking for a game to attend in Chicago, make sure to catch a Chicago Bears

Soldier Field is a historic landmark, as well as home to the Chicago Bears Photo from

Soldier Field is a historic landmark, as well as home to the Chicago Bears
Photo from

game at Soldier Field.

Located just off Lake Michigan, Soldier Field has been the home of the Bears since 1971, according to the Bears website. The previous 50 football seasons were spent at Wrigley Field.

Soldier Field first opened in 1924, and was then known as Municipal Grant Park Stadium. The stadium website states that the first game ever played there was a college football game as Notre Dame defeated Northwestern, 13-6 and was played in front of a sold-out crowd of roughly 45,000 people.

The Bears were temporarily relocated for to 2002-2003 season while Soldier Field underwent renovations to expand the stadium. It reopened in September of 2003 with brand new amenities and now seats 61,500 fans, according to the Bears.

Although Soldier Field may seem like just a football stadium, it’s actually much more. This stadium was declared a historic landmark in 1984, and also serves as a memorial for fallen members of the United States Armed Forces, according to the Soldier Field website.

Football isn’t the only purpose for the construction of Soldier Field. This stadium has hosted several major concerts, the first being ZZ Top in 1974, and the most recent being Taylor Swift in 2013, according to the Soldier Field website. Other special events include a breast cancer walk, soccer games and fundraising events.

There’s no doubt that Chicagoans love their football. Kaitlynn Tolleson, a resident of Chicago, has been a Bears fan her entire life and loves everything about Soldier Field.

“Everyone will act like you’re their best friend while you’re there,” she said of the friendly atmosphere. “I like feeling like I am a part of a group all wanting the same thing.”

Of course, if you’re watching a football game in Chicago, the weather can get extremely cold, but if you’re as into the game as Tolleson, it doesn’t matter.

“Both times I’ve been there, the weather has been terrible, but I wouldn’t trade it for the prettiest beach in the world.”

To learn more about Solider Field, visit the Chicago Bears’ website.


2 thoughts on “Must see Monday: Soldier Field

  1. Great story! Interesting place, I knew the bears played at Wrigley before moving to Soldiers Field. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that they put “Free Wisconsin Cheese, through this door” on all the exits just before the start of Bears/Packers games to lure unsuspecting Packer fans out of the stadium… 😉

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