Chicago: My Kind of Town

Photo from http://chicago.bridgesinternational.comFrank Sinatra had it right while he sang that Chicago was “my kind of town.” The lights; the sounds; the skyscrapers; the food; the constant buzz of the city. There are numerous things that make Chicago, Illinois one of America’s most beautiful and eventful cities to visit.

Located just off Lake Michigan, Chicago is the perfect place for for a good time. As the third largest city in the United States, Chicago offers visitors unique opportunities and experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether you’re checking out the breath-taking view from the top of the Willis Tower, (formerly Sears Tower) trying some irresistible deep-dish pizza, taking in a Cubs game at historic Wrigley Field, or just relaxing on the beaches of Lake Michigan, Chicago is a city that is sure to not disappoint.

Regardless if you’re visiting for business or pleasure, Chicago has something for everyone. Visiting with your family? Try visiting the Museum of Science and Industry for a day of hands-on learning, or spend a day along Lake Michigan at scenic Navy Pier. If you’re visiting without the kids, try hitting up the Cubby Bear for a drink after a Cubs game, or dance the night away at one of Chicago’s countless nightclubs. Regardless of who you’re with, Chicago is guaranteed to please.

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, Chicago always has events planned to go along with each season. There’s nothing quite like sampling the diverse food the city has to offer at the Taste of Chicago on a summer day or watching the magic of the holiday season come alive as Michigan Avenue is illuminated with Christmas lights in December.

With its exciting atmosphere and endless sights, there is a reason Chicago is one of the most beloved cities in America. As a native of the Chicago area, I want to give you I suggestions as to where to visit in the city to ensure that you have the trip of a lifetime. Stay tuned for more advice about your trip to the Windy City.


11 thoughts on “Chicago: My Kind of Town

  1. Great Post! Chicago does have a lot to offer in the way of entertainment. You can find live music clubs featuring almost any kind of music. Every neighborhood has it’s own feel and some have distinctive architecture, even if the architect wasn’t famous you can figure out what section of the city your just by looking around… I just recently blogged about my favorite deep dish place, and Chicago’s restaurants in general are on par with any other city in the world…

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